Letterpress printing and gold foil stamping by DWRI Letterpress, Providence, Rhode Island. Postcard photo by Robert Diamante.

Above: A few iterations of the foil element as it drew closer to the idea of an artifact “excavated from an ancient civilization.”
Above: Manipulations of photos from the studio yielded graphic elements to inform the design.
Above: Working through the various characteristics of the logo. The logo was based on the tradition of the maker’s mark, stamped into the metal of a finished piece, used by silversmiths as a means of identification and authentication.
Above: Working with several different color palettes and incorporating gold foil in the design, a direct reference to the jewelry that was a must for the client.
Above: A selection from a hundred or so photos taken of process, tools and materials in the studio of metalsmith Robin Cust. Shapes and colors found here were worked into the design of the various pieces of the stationery suite.
Homeward bound.